Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rain, Rain....Go Away!!!

Rain drops keep falling on my head….It has only been a couple of days and I admit that I’m sick of it. Oh sure, I know Texas desperately needs its rain for the cows and crops but it is so yucky outside. This soggy weekend start off on a terrible note. My husband, after fighting 1.5 hrs., of Houston traffic was ran off the road literally 1 mile from our house. A big SUV flipped on its side and when my husband went around it a impatient driver whipped around and caused him to swerve. His car went into a 360 into a large drainage ditch full of mud. Thankfully the car didn’t flip and there were police cars, ambulance, and tow truck for the accident now located across the street. The tow truck gave him a quick tug and charged $250!!! That’s what I call highway robbery. But I’m not complaining; it could have been much worse. At least my husband is safe, the car isn’t damaged, and nobody else got hurt.
Saturday we felt adventurous and decided to explore our new town. During our travels I spotted a cute boutique and bought the cutest spring wreath for Easter (I’ll take pics once the rain clears). Hubby found his newest shopping mall, Lowes. We stopped by and picked up some paint for a bed that I’ve had stored away. It’s a beautiful sleigh bed but has scratches from a previous move. I was thinking of repainting it white. I’ve been eyeing up some cottage blogs and been completely floored by the transformations from a little paint. I have some antique pieces that I bought back in New Orleans that would look great white (antique dresser/wardrobe). I’m determined to have a Shabby Chic bedroom and I’m hoping that new paint and a little elbow grease will save me from purchasing a new bedroom set. Not that I’m opposed to shopping for new furniture, LOL!
Today, Sunday, was a much better way to end the weekend rather than the way it started off. We attended our first service at our new church. Everyone was very friendly and we felt very welcomed. The pastor went to seminary in New Orleans and the church secretary is also from the Big Easy. It’s amazing how many people we run into from NOLA. Our last pastor was from New Orleans and played football for LSU, GEAUX TIGERS!!! After church we had lunch at our newest hole in the wall restaurant. It’s around the corner from our house and we’ve eaten there a handful of times already (we’ve relocated to the area only two weeks ago). They have the best grilled chicken and salads. Hubby likes to order the crispy chicken sandwich and fries. And you can make your own vanilla/cherry cokes. That’s dangerous to have around the corner, LOL.
Tomorrow the sun is supposed to be shining. I can’t wait to see this rain disappear. I don’t know how I survived school back in the Pacific Northwest. I remember the rain would go on for months at a time. When it rains like this I like to think God is doing His spring cleaning. It’s a good time for me to start doing my own spring cleaning in my life. This spring I’ve cleaned up my addiction to sugar. Mama got a sweet tooth and I got to get off the chocolate. It’s been three days since my last chocolate fix and I’m doing alright. But I was eyeing up a brownie box at Kroger. (Sigh) I gosta be strong, ladies. Instead I bought yogurt. Blah, but at least I’ll be able to fit into my swimsuit this season. Hope y’all had a great weekend.

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Jill said...

Oh goodness... I'm glad your husband is okay. Drivers get so crazy in the rain.

This weekend was nasty. I kinda got depressed. I had to get out of the house and went to Ikea... HUGE mistake on a Saturday, especially a rainy Saturday.

Here's to better weather soon!