Thursday, March 26, 2009

Everything is BIGGER in Texas

Yes, everything is bigger in Texas; including storms. We had ourselves some big time weather last night. We had tornado warnings and the works. My husband got stuck at his meeting and couldn't leave because of the weather was so bad. He called me several times to check the radar for a break. He and a group of doctors were huddled together like cattle waiting to make a bee line for the flooded parking lot. By the time he got in he was soaking wet down to his new soggy Kenneth Cole shoes. I'm hoping they aren't ruined but it's too late now. I've got them drying out today.

I feel pretty foolish complaining about some silly shoes compared to what our friends experienced back in Austin. This morning I found e-mails telling us how bad the hail storm got last night. Our friend’s vehicles were damaged by the golf ball sized ice. One sent me a picture of his truck and the parking lot after the storm. It was taken about an hour afterwards so most of it had melted due to the rain. An hour can make a huge difference in Texas weather.

He told me that nearly a half of dozen cars in the parking lot had their windshields completely blown out. This morning he has been trying to find a way to get his windshield replaced but the soonest would be next Thursday. And they are charging double the price at $400.00. I think it’s terrible that they are price gauging in this economy. I also feel horrible for my friend Sherry. She just traded her old BMW X5 for a new one (month old) and it was damaged as well. I’m absolutely sick for her. But we have to stay positive and be thankful that nobody was hurt.


TexasLauren77 said...

It WAS really bad here in Austin... Luckily, I was inside HEB when it happened, and I wasn't driving my car. Luckily, no broken windshield or damage to my car, but I was one of the few that escaped without any broken glass or dents. Apparently, we had some hail the size of a tennis ball!!

PLD said...

holy smokes!!!

Petunia said...

Oh, gosh that is awful! Glad you all are okay!

Jill said...

That's some BIG hail. Oh my goodness... I don't think it stormed at my house last night. How did I miss this???