Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

We spent part of our holiday in fabulous NYC this year. It was beautiful. NYC is truly spectacular during the Christmas season. The only thing that could have topped our trip were if it had snowed. I was truly wishing and hoping for a white Christmas. We live in Texas and I haven’t seen snow in ages. How much I’ve dreamt of enjoying a white Christmas. That is why I booked a trip to the Big Apple. And when we arrived we were told that they were experiencing an unusually warm week. It appears we brought a bit of Texas with us.

However, despite the absence of white fluffy flurries, we had a fabulous trip. One of my favorite things is checking out the Christmas display windows on 5th Avenue. Lord & Taylor had marvelous windows.

And if you're going to be strolling 5th Avenue window shopping, you must stop by Rockefeller Center. The Christmas tree, the ice skating, is there anything more magical or festive than stealing a kiss under the Rockefeller Christmas tree?

And the best Christmas show on earth, since 1932, is the Rockettes performing at Radio City. I know that they have performances across the country but seeing them at the infamous Radio City just makes it extra special.

There are so many wonderful things about visiting The Big Apple. Here are a few more pictures from our trip. 

Hope y'all had wonderful Christmas!!!