Thursday, March 12, 2009

Picture Game

Ok, here's another game from Peeptoepumpsandpearls. Go to your pics on your computer. Choose the 6th folder and 6th picture in the folder. Tell who and what.

This is me in Rome. I'm overlooking the ruins about a block away from our hotel. We went to Italy a couple of years ago. We went during one spring and it was freezing. I remember being in the Vatican and hearing a thick southern accent. I followed it to a woman from Birmingham, Alabama. We really hit it off with her and her family. It was the first Americans we ran into in almost a week. I remember being so happy to speak English and visit with someone from the South. It made me very "felice" (happy in Italian).

I remember that same trip I bought a conductor so I could use my curling iron. I plugged it into the wall and I heard a loud POP! Then the lights went out on the entire floor. My husband was in the lobby but when he came back I told him to grab his jacket and lets go to the bistro down the block. At breakfast I confessed my bad and his eyes got really big. We thought we were going to be trouble. When we went back they had an electrician working in the hallway. I didn't say anything but the hotel manager said something in Italian that I couldn't follow. But I did catch one part...."Americans." He had a nasty tone and glared at me as I slinked into our room. The rest of the trip I was so scared to use my curling iron I just wore hats. That's why I'm wearing a hat in that picture. You can see my hair sticking out is all funky.

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Jill said...

I love Rome and I love your curling iron story!! I went to Italy about 5 years ago. I was with this guy I was dating. I ask him to plug my hair dryer into the bathroom outlet with the adapter I brought. He did it and it shocked his hand. I'm not kidding... his hand turned black and all the power went out on our floor. The hotel manager was SO mad. LOL. I guess you and I should never take an Italy trip together... we'd be in big trouble!