Friday, July 8, 2011

Mississippi Cottage

This is the view from laying on the bed looking out the window. It was so much fun to watch the boats go up and down the Mississippi River at night.

My very favorite room of the house...THE PORCH! I spent all of my evenings lounging on the porch while sipping wine and reading books.

This is the back view of the cottage. I loved the little BBQ. My husband grilled shrimp and I made a fantastic shrimp salad with feta cheese and the works. With a good bottle of red wine and the sunset it was the best.

After we returned from touring all those beautiful plantation homes we would flop into these Adirondack chairs and chat. We'd have our favorite New Orleans jazz bands playing softly over the speakers. Just enough for background music but not loud enough that you couldn't hear the crickets.

When you sat in the rockers on the platform you'd see the bridge that connects Mississippi and Louisiana. The middle of the river was the state line so when we looked over the embankment we were looking at Louisiana.

Our views of the sunset were amazing. We had some of the most gorgeous sunsets. I love this picture.

Here's another view of the Mississippi. You can see that it's still flooded by looking at the trees across the river. They say it'll be coming back down by mid July. Everything across the river is Louisiana. We are on the Mississippi side.

Hope y'all enjoyed my pictures