Friday, March 20, 2009

Chicago Blues

Buddy Guy has his own bar & grill in Chicago. We were told by one of the employees that he stops by and plays a song or two when he's in town. He was suppose to stop in that night but didn't. Drats! Hubby & I are HUGE blues fans. We love Doc John, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Carolyn Wonderland, Albert King, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, and the famous BB King. However, we went and saw BB King a few months back in Austin. BB King has been a blues legend since I was a kid and I was completely floored by his jokes he told on stage. He is a dirty old man, y'all. It sort of ruined the experience for me. But his band rocked the house. Those guys are really old too! Most of his band is from Houston, Texas. That made up for the disgusting stories from BB.

My papa was a blues/jazz guy. I use to dance on his feet listening to records. I thought everyone grew up to listening to Jazz & Blues. But I know that I'm not the only kid that did. Have you heard of Quinn Sullivan? He's 8 years old and plays a mean guitar. I'll try to put a link from youtube. It's been a long day so I'm heading off to bed. Hope everyone has had a good week and a better weekend ahead.

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