Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gene Marshall

Y'all know how much I enjoy collecting silkstone retro Barbie's. I've fallen in love with Gene Marshall dolls. They are so beautiful. I adore the chic and classic clothing of the 1940's. I think that was a great era for fashion. That's when people actually put a little pride in their appearances. I wish we could bring the hat back into men fashion. Didn't men in the 40's look sharp? And all the beautiful dresses and skirts were gorgeous.

Yesterday I was out shopping and saw this girl wearing skinny jeans. Not that I have a problem with skinny jeans but there was nothing skinny about this girl. Her gut looked like a donut in those jeans and when she bent over...well, let's just say she could have a future in plumbing, GROSS! What's sad is that this happening more and more. It's like people just don't care about looking like slobs. Honestly, I don't have a body like Heidi Klum so I try to wear things that are flattering for my body type. Common sense, right?

And is there a shortage on irons that I'm not aware of? Is it me or does anyone else notice wrinkled shirts that looks like they slept in them? I can't tell you how many times I've seen wardrobe inappropriateness in the work place from people who should know better. Seriously people! Oh that reminds me of an old SNL clip of Will Ferrell. He shows up to the office "casual Friday" in nothing but a thong and t-shirt, LOL! Y'all, this is a true story! I went to visit a client (well known company) and the COO was wearing a Snoop Dog T-Shirt!!! I didn't know if I should bust out laughing or start crying. I mean, you're the COO for goodness sakes! No wonder your company was having issues and needed consulting services. Uh, I have an idea, let's start with the dress code (rolling my eyes). Now that's just sad when Snoop Dog is considered business attire in corporate America. I mean Snoop Dog was so 10 years ago; Jay Z would have been at least up to date, LOL!!! Sometimes I feel like I'm Alice in Wonderland and I work at the tea party......

My newest favorite band

I came across Nakia & His Southern Cousins last year when he opened for B.B. King in Austin, Texas. Love him! He's a local Austinite and he plays a lot at Momo's on 6th street. If y'all are ever in Austin check him out. I've been driving around town listening to his cd. What band are you into right now?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm absolutely in LOVE with this house!!! If only I had special powers and could snap myself into it, LOL!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Tea Set

This is my tea set. I absolutely love it!!! When I lived in Austin I use to throw Thursday morning tea party at my house. I would invite friends over every Thursday morning and host a tea party with several types of teas, scones, muffins, fruit, and chocolates. I really miss Thursday mornings. But now with the chilly weather on the way I'm going to pull out my set and begin to at least throw a party for one. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Do you remember.....

Tonight I was doing a little dusting, vacuuming, and laundry. When I'm home alone doing housework I like to crank up the tunes. I scrolled through our music library and landed on Pat Benatar. I use to love Pat Benatar growing up. I remember my best friend and I would jump on my bed and use hair brushes as microphones as we sang this song at the top of our lungs. I use to think that Pat Benatar was so cool in her ripped sweatshirts and leather pants, LOL!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Y'all, I'm absolutely devastated over the closing of Southern Accents magazine. The last issue will be the Sept/Oct and I'm just sick over it. Why all the good ones? I've been a huge Southern Accents reader for the past 10 years. They always had the most beautiful spreads and decorating advice. I would get butterflies as I pulled the new issues from my mailbox and dashed to the house to await the glossy pictures hidden within the articles. I will miss you Southern Accents; I will miss you my dear friend.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Time to turn the page.....

Funny how life can drastically change within 24 hours. This month we've had a few curve balls thrown at us but we've managed to swing through them. I can't tell you that I would have survived without the strength of my faith and marriage. I have an entirely new appreciation for the phrase "bitter sweet" LOL....

My husband was working for a hospital development company and they merged with another company (turned out to be a hostile take over). They bankrupted my husband's company and walked into his office and laid him off without any notice or severance. We didn't see this coming and it was a complete shock. But instead of wasting our time with the "coulda's & shoulda's" we strapped on our boots and began marching through the circumstance. We needed a new strategy and fast.

My husband went back to clinical. He was in emergency medicine for nearly 14 years prior to going into hospital development. He's working with a doctor friend over at a ER clinic (not your typical ER). The clinic is the way to go if you are not seriously injured because the clinic is a "insured/private pay" only type of facility. This really makes a difference in a speedy turn around and you can be seen much faster. The doctor and investors are building these ER clinics around the Houston area and want my husband to be on the development team. By working a few shifts in the ER he's keeping his clinical skills up to date. So, all in all this is a good thing.

He's also pulling a few shifts at a surgical hospital in the OR (sports medicine). He loves it!!! He confided in me that he had thought of pursuing a career in sports medicine years ago (before we got married). I never knew that. I'm excited to see what will happen in the next year or so with his career. I wasn't thrilled when I received the call about his layoff and I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about our finances. It took nearly 3 1/2 weeks before he began working again and we had to dip into our Savings and cancel our vacation plans. But I can see now that it was necessary. God had opened an entirely new window of opportunity for us.
I can see that my husband is so much happier. He use to complain every evening about the daily politics in his previous position and 99% of the time they would call after hours (usually during dinner). And now he comes home smiling and has a much more peaceful spirit. He also makes more money and we get to spend more time together. Who would have thought that such a terrible event would have become such a fantastic opportunity? Sometimes we have to let go of what we consider security to grab onto opportunity and blessings. What I've learned from this experience is to not be scared to turn the page because you never know what's in store in the next chapter ahead.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I adore tea and now with the cool months soon approaching I've been on the look out for tea rooms. My BFF back in Seattle and I would meet for tea and catch up on life over a cup of chamomile/earl grey. It's such a treat to get away from life's hustle and bustle and take time for pleasurable conversation with an old friend.

I do know of a great tea house in Austin if you're ever in the area. It's called, Tea Embassy. It's near the capital. It's a great old house and they have a ton of varieties of teas. Here is their link http://teaembassy.com/ There's another great one called, The Steeping Room http://thesteepingroom.com/

In Houston they have a tea house called, Tea Agora. They have a lot of green tea from Japan. Here's the link http://www.teaagora.com/ Here's another called, Serenitea Tea Room http://www.sereniteatearoom.com/index.html Vintage Garden Garden Tea House http://www.vintagegardentea.com/

There's a new tea room that is about to open in San Antonio. Jill, I'll have to meet you there once it's open. It's called, Madhatters Tea House. http://madhatterstea.com/

However, a great place for lunch and tea with a girlfriend is Apple Annie's http://appleanniestearoomandbakery.com/ They have really great sandwiches and salads. My friend is originally from San Antonio and she told me about it. It's nothing fancy but cozy.

When I was living in Austin I found a really great magazine called, TEA IN TEXAS. Here's the link if y'all are interested http://www.teaintexas.com/texasteahouses.html

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

I can't wait to see all the leaves begin to change color. This is a beautiful time of year. I'm really looking forward to the cool Texas breeze. Yes, those brisk humid temps are just around corner, LOL! It's been in the low 90's and us Southern Texans are over the top with enthusiasm. For the past three months I've felt like I've been either hibernating in the A/C or cooking in the Texas heat. The south isn't really known for it's pleasant summers. However, it's a trade off. We aren't freezing in the winter either. I have relatives that live in Chicago and I honestly don't know how they survive in below zero temps. Last year, when I lived in Austin, it dropped down to the mid 30's. I honestly that I was going to die if I went outside. I looked like an Eskimo with multiple layers, LOL....So, a change (even in the low 90's) is on my "thankful" list.

I'm really looking forward to decorating for fall. You know me, I've been already working on fall decorations for my porch since July. I've had them stashed away just waiting to be revealed. I have all sorts of great ideas for Halloween this year. I'm so excited!!! Have y'all seen the new pie molds from Williams-Sonoma? Very cute! I'm thinking of filling the pumpkin mold with pumpkin pie filling. And I really like the apple too! Yum, apple pie...I'm considering freezing them and pulling them out during the weekends as an evening treat. This is the beginning to all that holiday food. Happy Fall, Y'all!!!