Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mmmmm.....NOLA pralines!!!

Papa Noel travels all the way from the Bayou to drop pralines in our stockings on Christmas morning. My favorite pralines are the coconut. They are fantastic but I can only eat a half at a time. They are so sweet but it's always a treat for our family to look forward to each Holiday. I get them shipped over from "Aunt Sally's" in the French Quarter. They are always a big hit!!!

HAUEX, HAUEX, HAUEX Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I love Christmas in the South. We still spend Christmas over in New Orleans. There is no where in the world like Christmas in New Orleans. We do things a bit different than everyone else. We don't have Santa Claus; instead we have Papa Noel. Papa Noel rides in pirogue pulled by alligators bringing Christmas gifts to all boys and girls living on the Bayou. Papa Noel leaves an assortment of pralines and Cajun crunch in our stockings. We also get together and read "A Cajun Night Before Christmas." On Christmas Eve everyone gets together and build beautiful bond fires on the Bayou so Papa Noel can find his way through the swamp lands of southern Louisiana. We fill our bellies with French Creole Cuisine while dancing to Zydeco/Jazz Christmas music. Yes, I love Christmas in the Bayou.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Wow, I can't believe we are doing this again. It seems like we just completed the holidays but I suppose that was a year ago. Time keeps slipping by faster and faster. This year I have decided to decorate my table totally different. I just purchased a beautiful table linen over the weekend. It is off white, satin, and has a beautiful ornate pattern to it. But I also want to include some pumpkin orange, browns, and gold. I've been searching on the web for the perfect setting and came across these.....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What I want for Christmas

I found this great site that has wonderful aprons. This is the perfect entertaining apron. I think I am going to hint to my hubby I want one for Christmas.

Opera House in Paris

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hats, Hats, Hats....

I love hats. I collect them. I think that they can dress up anything you are wearing. You can have jeans and a t-shirt on but once you put a jazzy hat on; it's an outfit. Isn't this a great hat?

On the streets in Paris

This reminds me of when my husband & I first flew into Paris. We were on West Coast time and we woke up starving around 4:30 a.m.. We grabbed our jackets and hit the early morning streets. It was amazing to walk around Paris when the streets were vacant. It was an awesome experience and we found a place that served hot croissants. It is one of my favorite memories.


In Austin you see so many people riding around of Vespa's. I would love to get one. I want a pink one soooo bad. Pink Vespa with a basket.

Fresh Flowers

I don't know about you but I always have to have fresh flowers in my home. It makes me feel cheerful even during the cold winter months. They also make others feel better too. I think this season I'm going to give colorful plants and bouquet of fresh flowers as gifts. You can get a pretty big bouquet at Sams Club or Costco less than $10.00.

Wouldn't You Love to Have this Car?

I came across this picture and loved this car. This is a typical fufu retro car; ultimate girly written across it. I love the color pink so this would be right up my alley.

Robert Randolph

We also saw Robert Randolph a few weeks prior to seeing the New World Son. He was so awesome. The way he plays the steel guitar. He plays better than B.B. King. I was so blown away by Robert Randolph. If he is ever in your area I highly recommend going to his concert. He is wonderful!!!

New World Son

My husband and I went to see a fabulous band called, "New World Son." We really enjoyed the concert. It was held a local church and it was fantastic. We had originally saw them at the Frank Erwin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. This was a small venue of about 50 people. We got to meet them afterwards and they were the nicest guys. They are from Canada but they play New Orleans style music. My husband really got along with the guitarist, Josh. My husband plays the guitar, Blues & Jazz. Here is their website; they are an amazing Christian band.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Grandmother

This is my Grandmother. She was an amazing woman. I valued her opinion and she always gave me great advice. I can still hear her words when I was about to start dating, "Every date is a potential husband. Don't waste your time with those who are not marriage material." She taught me to have standards. She also told me, "If you want to marry someone of great character, class, and integrity; then you, yourself, must possess those same character traits." It worked because my husband is the full package. I didn't get married until I was twenty five but I was careful whom I dated by sticking to my standards. I wish my grandmother would have met my husband. She passed away before I had an opportunity to introduce them. However, before she died I we had a long conversation about my future and the man I planned on marrying. My grandmother was special to me and always will be.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is one of my favorite models. I think she is beautiful. I also love the lipstick by Estee Lauder named after her, "Elizabeth Pink." It is a light pink that looks great for summer. I've received so many compliments when I wear it during the summer months.

Bayou Egret

Louisiana has one of the largest bird population in the U.S.. I've seen so many different types of beautiful birds there. We use to sit on our front porch swing and watch the birds in the spring. Oh, how much I miss my birds....

Monday, November 10, 2008


This is my favorite television series. I've purchased the entire collection. I stop my afternoon to have my tea, muffins, scones, and Poirot time. I believe Agatha Christie is one of the world's best author's. She was so creative and I absolutely enjoy her Poirot series. The English country side is so beautiful. And those English estates!!! I constantly find myself drooling over them.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beautiful photos of Louisiana

I love the plantations in Louisiana. Here are few photos.....


I love how beautiful and elegant the macaroons are dressed up at Laduree. The packages are so fantastic. It makes me want to display the box. What a lovely shop.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick is one of my favorite tennis pro players. I don't think he is the best player but he seems very humble and a nice guy. Also, Andy Roddick lives locally in Austin, Texas. How can I not root for my local Austinite.

Tuesday will be my last game for the year. I play on a tennis league. It will start again in the spring. I have really improved at the net. On league night we play doubles. I'm use to playing singles so the net was something that I had to get use to playing on leauge. It has been a wonderful experience. And I've met so many great friends. My husband and I try to get in 3 to 4 games a week at home. It is so much fun and great cardio.

Interior decor ideas

Some fantastic ideas for my home....

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Perfect Kitchen

I came across this kitchen and want it!!! I've been drooling over it. I love the colors and design. I could only imagine what I could whip up in there.

Table Settings

Now that the holidays are approaching I like to look at ideas for table settings. I came across the two posted. Although they have nothing to do with the holidays but I like them a lot. Doesn't that one in blue make you want to grab your fine china tea set and bake some scones? I it so lovely.

What to cook?

It was a busy week. Before I knew it the day had passed and I was trying to figure out what to cook for dinner. I glanced over the pantry and fridge and created my own dish. It was fantastic! My husband really enjoyed it. I made a salad on the side. It was fast and easy and was a big hit at home.

1 c. Penne Pasta
3 Spicy Turkey Sausage links
1/4 c. Feta Cheese
1/3 c. Sundried Tomatoes
1/3 c. Green Olives
1/4 c. Sweet Onion
3 tbsp. Italian Dressing
Black Pepper to taste

1. Cook Pasta; drain and set aside in pasta dish
2. Cut all 3 turkey sausage links to bite size pieces and cook in skillet until brown.
3. Chop Sundried Tomatoes and Sweet Onion. Cook with Sausage in Skillet.
4. Slice Green Olives.
5. Toss all ingredients above into pasta dish. Mix everything up. And drizzle 3 tbsp. worth of Italian dressing over dish. Add Feta cheese and pepper and toss again. Add a green salad and you have a quick, easy, but delicious dinner!

New Barbies

As I told you all before in a previous posting, I love vintage Barbie's. I collect the silkstone Barbie's. I love the Picnic Barbie. It actually comes with a fishing rod and straw hat. How adorable is that! I love the make up and hair on the other Barbie. It reminds me of the 1950's. I wish we dressed up like during that time. That is when society really took pride in their appearance.

Swan Lake

My husband and I love the arts. One of my favorite Ballet's is Swan Lake. It is something that I hope to introduce to my future children.