Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm back!!!

I must admit that I'm very displeased with Blogger at the moment. I had this blog for quite sometime and this summer it wasn't allowing me to post. I'd spend time writing and downloading pictures to have it all lost out in space somewhere. Finally I decided to start another blog and now they want to charge me for uploading pictures. Has anyone heard of this? Is this new? Well, I decided to take a chance on this blog and Lord behold it worked. So, I'm back. I personally think it's ridiculous to charge to upload pictures to a blog. However, I'll spare y'all from my soapbox speech.

So much has happened since I posted here last. My husband has nearly completed his first year of law school (thank goodness). I was yearning for summer break when everything would go back to normalcy. However, he came up with a grand idea of taking courses in Germany. Of course I'd have to accompany him, HA! We intend on leasing an apartment in Berlin. I've very excited as this will be my first trip to Germany. I've traveled to Europe before but never Germany. I've heard so many lovely things about it. My great grandparents (both sides) migrated from Germany so I'm eager to research the area where they resided. I did find out that our family roots began in Switzerland and not Germany. Interesting what you find out when researching your family history.

Spring is in full force and I'm loving it. Everything in my neighborhood is lush, green, and blooming like crazy. I'm eager to visit our local nursery and plant some flowers this week. I haven't decided what I'm going to plant along the walkway. Everything looks gorgeous at the moment.

This past week my friend and I decided to venture out and check out the consignment shops around town. We found all sorts of fantastic goodies. I came across these fabulous Fox Hunt scenes. I adore Fox Hunt so I'm really happy about my new purchase. Now I just need to find the perfect wall space for them.