Friday, January 2, 2009

Vatican City

A few years ago we went to Rome to see the Vatican. It was amazing!!! Walking through Rome was such a spiritual experience. Standing before the Colisuem was an eye opener. I tried to imagine the roar of the lions and our Christian brothers and sisters who were thrown into the dens. I was amazed that I was walking down the same cobblestone as Paul. Wow, you couldn't put a price on the experience of that trip. It's sometimes easy to forget where our Christian beliefs come from when we are over in America with all of our comforts. Sometimes I need to be reminded of those who sacrificed for my freedom to worship the Holy Creator. This year I hope that I become closer to God by depending on Him more than myself. That I can put all the material things aside and all my comforts that I grow accustom to daily and just focus on Him. He has blessed our home and yet I do not give Him enough of daily worship. I need to read my Bible more, spend time meditating on His word, and focusing on Him. That is what I'll be doing for 2009. Turning back to God.

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