Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Devil Dog

Best thing about moving……Devil Dog!!!

The one thing I won't miss when we move is our neighbor’s dog. We love dogs, y'all. We had a black lab that we adored. But this little dog is driving me crazy. The new neighbors allow their dog to bark nonstop. The dog likes to bark from the hours of 11pm~3am!!! There are exceptions; the dog knows when we have a dinner party, company over, or watching a movie. We have named it, DEVIL DOG. No, I won't be missing “Devil Dog.”


Jill said...

Ahh... the dog barking is horrible. I've experienced that with a neighbor's dog. Have you heard you can get a ticket in L.A. for you dog barking too loud? I kinda like the idea.

Gretchen from the Real Housewives~ don't really like her. She's pretty but a little annoying. How can she date a guy older than her father? Ugh... gross! Do you like her?

midnight macaroons said...

Wow, I have never heard of that. A ticket for a barking dog? I also love the idea. I wish other's would be as courteous as we try to be. It's amazing how one house can create so many issues for an entire street. Glad we will be moving to Houston.

Ewww...I think Gretchen is gross. She is so shallow. She plays the martyr very well. She doesn't care about her husband or else she wouldn't be at the lake when he's in ICU. I think it's gross too. It's hard to stomach when she talks about them on the show. It reminds me of the Anna Nicole thing with the crypt keeper.