Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Church Rocks!!!

This morning we went to church. Before we found this church we had tried to find a church home. That is more difficult than you could imagine. Believe me, there are some real lousy churches out there and I think we stumbled into about half of them. One Sunday morning we attended a church near our home. We arrived early and sat in the Bible Study class. We were the first to arrive and took the first to take a seat. The teacher and others walked in and sat on the opposite side of the room (as if we were unwelcomed outsiders). Nobody even introduced themselves to us!!! The instructor actually started discussing how to spread the gospel. Ha, I busted out laughing. They couldn't even go out of their way to make a new guest feel welcomed. Now I wasn't raised in the church. But even before I gave my heart over to Jesus I knew a thing or two about common courtesy. I use to dread after church but my husband (who was raised in the south & did go to church) told me not to give up. Just when I thought I'd have to endure another bad experience of rude and obnoxious religious people...we found Celebration Church in Georgeown, Texas. It rocks!!! We love it. Pastor Joe is awesome and come to find out; he went to college with my husband. He use to play football for the LSU Tigers....GAUEX TIGERS!!! The one thing I noticed about our new church home was how friendly everyone was. They were even smiling and waving to us as we pulled into the parking lot. That is something that a lot of churches are lacking; just plain friendly hospitality. If you attend a friendly church; you're lucky. A good church is hard to find.

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