Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things about me ....

Ok, so my husband saw my last posting and said it looks like an episode of "My Name is Earl." I decided to write about me now so y'all know my taste did change.

Things about me....

1.) I love to cook & throw dinner parties.

2.) I love tennis; I play on a co-ed league (play up to 4x week)

3.) I'm learning how to paint

4.) I love to travel

5.) I love to garden (grew my own herbs last summer)

6.) I love decorating

7.) I lived in four states (California, Oregon, Louisiana, Texas)

8.) I love beauty products, shoes, accessories, and handbags

9.) I love the arts; Music, Art, Opera, Symphony, Ballet

10.) I love magazines; Southern Lady, Southern Living, Tea Time, Victoria


Jill said...

Oh yay! I'm excited you want to play the letter game. Your letter is M.

You're so right about being at peace once you've served the poor and lonely in a third world country.

midnight macaroons said...

Things that I love that start with M....

1.) Marriage
2.) Macaroons
3.) M&M's
4.) Money
5.) Mom
6.) Movies
7.) Music
8.) Moon
9.) Merlot
10.) Moving (new home)