Friday, January 1, 2010

My 2009 List

My blogging friend, Jill, over at had a really great post today. She posted the top 20 things that happened in 2009. I thought that was a fantastic way to reflect on the previous year. Too many times we forget with time what challenges and successes the previous year has brought us. So, I'm actually going to steal her idea (hope you don't mind Jill) and post my 20 top things for 2009. I use this blog as a online journal. Sometimes I pour my heart out and others I just add a decorating tip (not to forget) or product reminder. Either way this blog really opens a window to what is currently going on in my life. And today I've gone back to read what 2009 brought us.

Top 20 things for 2009-

1.) NEW WORLD SON- We met the band New World Son after one of their shows. Josh and my husband sometimes e-mail each other. I think that's awesome. He's the guitarist for the band and since hubby plays guitar they discuss music. How fun!

2.) Healthcare Legislation- Hubby is getting more and more involved in health care politics. He sits on a legislative board that drafts bills for the state of Texas for surgical facilities. He was working in hospital development and is a big physician owned advocate. Us at capital with Senator Dan Patrick.

3.) Moved- Relocated from Austin to Houston. I was devastated to leave my home in Austin but Houston has brought us a lot of good things too.

Austin, TX

Houston, TX

4.) Tennis- Joined a new tennis league. However, I need to get out and play more on my off time. Need a stronger serve.

5.) Gardening- Started gardening for the first time in my life. I'm already addicted.

6.) Restaurant- Found a new restaurant called, Pie in the Sky. They have awesome pies! And I love the funky decor.

7.) New Product- California Olive Ranch. I love this new olive oil. I forgot to buy some this holiday season. Now that my bottle is running low I'll have to order some extra bottles. Fantastic on salads!

8.) Chicago- Hubby was a guest speaker for a huge national health care conference. He was awesome.

9.) Antiques- Found a ton of new antiques and really got into collecting silver this year.

10.) Lost & Found- I lost my favorite magazine, Southern Accents. They shut down (sniff). However, I found a new favorite, Garden & Gun. They have lovely articles on decorating/recipes/South. I love the expression I get when I ask for an issue at Barnes & Noble.

11.) Layoff- Hubby got laid off from the surgical development company (economy). He went back into clinical and started his own consulting business. He has picked up two large accounts and has two other contracts for 2010. Awesome!

12.) Baby Shower- Our good friends from tennis league, back in Austin, had a baby. She and her sister had babies only 3 weeks apart this year. I'm now Aunt Gigi to baby Reid. I'm excited to because I get to see her in a couple of weeks. Her and her sister combined baby showers. It was a beautiful shower, very San Antonio style. I loved it!

13.) Monograms- Really got into monograms this year.

14.) Houston- We have become Houston Aeros hockey fans.

15.) Dallas- Hubby was asked to join a political board and speak to the Surgical Society in Dallas, TX. While there at the conference I ran into old friends from Oregon. They work in the wine industry and were holding their conference at the same hotel. What a surprise! It's been over 10 years.

16.) Favorite Book in 2009- Phyllis Hoffman's Gracious Tables

17.) Astronaut- We were seated at a social dinner next to astronaut Terry Virts. He'll be flying the last space shuttle mission in February. My father-in-law retired with NASA so hubby and Virts had a lot to talk about.

18.) Snow- We got snow in Houston during the month of December. It made thing really festive and totally kicked off the warm holiday feeling. We rarely get snow in south Texas so it was BIG treat. You can see my back yard in this picture and even my monkey slippers got snowed on.

19.) Law School- My husband has decided to go to law school. He wants to get more involved in the political venue of healthcare. I'm not surprised by his decision. He's been wanting to go but with his previous job (hours/travel) he couldn't go. However, now that he's working clinical/consulting he can now work around his school hours. I told him, "GO FOR IT!" We'll see where this leads us in our future.

20.) God- I've become more in tune with my spiritual side. I know that God has everything under control and I need to allow myself to become more fearless when going after my own dreams and goals. I have a few things that I'm going to go after this year in 2010. But you'll have to wait for next New Year's Day to see how I did (wink).

Wishing y'all a fantastic 2010 and a great start to a another decade!!


Miss Janice said...

I have enjoyed reading your "2009 List" I feel I know you a little better! Happy 2010!

Lexilooo said...

I love pie. Now I want to come to Houston!

Oh, and I need to look for Gracious Tables!

Jill said...

Yay, I'm so glad you posted your Top 20 of 2009! I feel like we've had similar experiences this year, moving, layoff, food (ha), etc... I'm so excited to see what God has planned for y'all in 2010. Always praying for you. Love you!

Amy C said...

Great list!! Where is Pie in the Sky?? The fact that Pie is in the name makes me want to eat there :-)

Petunia said...

Happy New Year Gigi! It sounds like 2010 will be a good year for you.
I am following you on Twitter now. I didn't know that was you--haha!!