Monday, January 18, 2010

My Thrifty Finds

I decided to venture out and see what I could find at the local thrifts/antique shops around town. Well, my trip wasn't a total bust. I normally come across several fantastic finds but today one of my favorite thrift shops was in the process of being renovated. I suppose that's a good thing considering that it's not a very pretty store. I decided to peek inside and came across a few more decorations for Easter.

I'll tell you the truth. I've had so much fun finding such cute and inexpensive holiday decorations this year. I use to not put much thought or effort into decorating for the holidays when I was single. I would just go home and magically everything was purely festive. However, now that I live 3,000 miles from home and have a household of my own I find that I yearn for a festive holiday. I want our house to be remembered as something special and so I've been going out of my way to prepare for holidays. Little to my surprise I found that purchasing holiday decorations can add up to a small fortune. And since our great nation is in a bit of a economic slump it's prudent to shop for deals (or steals as I like to call them). I've been thrilled to show y'all my wonderful display of treasures I find on my journey across Houston. I'm not sure what thrills me nick knacks or the deal I get. All and all I'm so overwhelmed with excitement that I had to post tonight.

I purchased all three bunnies for .50 cents each. And I got the little fellow with the basket for $1.00. I'm thinking of putting him into my bathroom and putting a bar of decorative soup in the basket. Just for a little uniqueness.

And I couldn't possibly pass up this adorable bunny. She's going on my mantel for Easter. I loved her little dress. She's so girly I had to have her.

And I found these lovely egg ornaments for my pink Easter tree. I'm so looking forward to decorating my Easter tree this year.

I picked up another bunny for .50 cents and this beautiful Hurricane lamp. I collect Hurricane lamps and when I see one as cheap as this one I can't pass it up. I've seen Hurricane lamps as this one in the store for $25.00 each. I'm thinking of buying some etching paint and painting some vines around it

I needed to replace a lamp in the living room and found this one. It's so stunning and will definitely bring the green color out in our rugs/drapes.

And finally I found this bird wire pot holder. I placed it on our front porch and put our fern in it. Depending how big my fern grows this Spring/Summer if it will remain in the wire holder. I was thinking of putting something else in it so you can actually see the details. However, I'll have to wait for Spring when I can go to the nursery.

I just happened to pick up some Anna Griffin office supplies for my Shabby Chic office. Don't you love having pretty desk accessories? I know it makes my bookkeeping more enjoyable, lol. Hope y'all have a wonderful week.


Jill said...

How do you always find the cutest things at such incredible prices??? True talent, Gigi!

I love all the bunnies. Your house is going to be so cute at Easter. I agree about the desk accessories; they just make working much better!

midnight macaroons said...

I love shopping at thrift stores and antique shops. I'm really looking forward to spring when the weather is nicer and I can look for more holiday decorations at the garage sales.