Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Bayou Cottage

We just returned home from our mini "get away" to Louisiana. We had such a marvelous time in Cajun country. It was so relaxing and we enjoyed sight seeing. We also enjoyed eating ourselves silly with fantastic Cajun cuisine and pralines. I'm going to do myself a favor by not stepping onto the scale for an entire week. At the moment I've already started to diet, lol.

I have so many pictures that I will break them up into separate posts. This first post will be about our cottage. Our friend, Lyn, owns this adorable cottage tucked away on the outskirts of Lafayette. She is so cute. She's Cajun and I could listen to her talk for hours. She's not what you would think a Cajun gal would look like. She has trendy funky hair and dresses so cute. She carries her dog (Shih Tzu) Daisy with her. Daisy wears a red and white polka dot ribbon in her hair. She's such a cutie. Every morning Lyn brings us a basket with our breakfast. Oh my goodness, she's a great cook. It's such a fantastic way to start off our morning to a fabulous Cajun breakfast. Here's a few pictures for y'all....

Our cute little living room

Our kitchen/breakfast area

Our bedroom

Our Bayou Country view

Our fabulous breakfast

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