Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Fantastic Finds for 2010

What a wonderful way to start off this year. As most of you know, I truly enjoy shopping for antiques. This previous year I found myself visiting more thrift shops and found a ton of cute things. I found that the differences between antique shops vs. thrift stores are that most antique shops know what the value of the item (mostly coming from an estate sale). Where as a thrift shop receives many donations and often doesn't have a clue what they have or the value. If you are educated with sliver, china patterns, and brands, you'll find all sorts of great deals.

My husband was kind enough to take me to a few thrift shops around the city. These are my first finds for 2010.

Bunnies- I picked up all four bunnies for $2/each. They will be perfect for this Easter. I also picked up the little Victorian Easter bucket for .50 cents. I'm sure I'll find good use of it this Spring.

Candle sticks- I picked up the antique brass candle sticks for $1/each. They will look great on an old dresser, bookcase, or table.

Floral Pitcher- I purchased the floral pitcher for $4. I thought it would look pretty sitting on my dresser or bathroom with fresh cut flowers this Spring/Summer.

Rooster Plates- I purchased these fantastic rooster plates for $8. I'm using them in the kitchen for breakfast plates. They will really dress up our morning breakfast or brunch.

China Set- Look at these beautiful plates and mugs I found. I purchased the entire set for $13!!! I'm planning on using them as dessert plates and mugs for coffee. Great for entertaining.

Next week we will be traveling over to Baton Rouge/Lafayette for a few days. We'll be staying at our friend's cottage. I love thrift shopping over in Louisiana. They have all sorts of fantastic shops and I always come home with something unique for the house. I can't wait!!! I'm already off to a great 2010....


Lexilooo said...

What great finds! I love stopping into antique and thrift shops, though I don't as often as I'd like to. Maybe that will be a goal for 2010!

Do you ever look at yard sales? My grandparents were huge yard salers, and would spend their Saturdays doing that. They found some amazing things!

Jill said...

You find the BEST stuff. I'm kinda new to antique shops but I love them. I started collecting vintage head vases. They're hard to find but I love the hunt.

I'll have to check out a thrift shop. I'm not sure if I've ever noticed thrift shops??? Do they call them "thrift shop" or is it a store like Good Will?

midnight macaroons said...

Hi Lexiloo-

YES! I love to go to yard sales. I started to venture out last spring/summer for the first time. I couldn't believe all the cool things I found. I'm sure you have all sorts of wonderful antique and thrift shops in your area. Let me know if you come across anything. I love to see what others find.

Good Luck! Hope you find something really great.


midnight macaroons said...

Thanks, Jill. I really like the first set of bunnies. I would have to say the bunnies and the china set are my favorites out of the group. I was really excited to get the china plates/mugs for only $13.00. My Royal Patrician tea set cost nearly $700. So $13 is a steal...AND it's Royalton (cheaper but not bad).

I'm not a big fan of Good Will. I have tried Good Will in the past but they don't carry what I'm looking for. I looked up a few thrift shops that I would check out in San Antonio for you. Here's a couple, Thrift Town, Green Door, Good Samaritan, and Texas Thrift Store.

I must warn you...sometimes thrift shops can look pretty gross and scary. But if you can get past the appearances and remain focused you can find all sorts of really great deals. I always wash everything as soon as I get home. I'll have to post my cleaning ritual for the things I buy at thrift shops, LOL...Good luck! I've never been thrifting in S.A. so let me know what you find.


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