Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Texas Tea

This year is off to a busy start for us. This month has been absolutely exhausting but a good exhaustion. I've had a very good 2010 so far. And thus I have 11 months more to endure I'm planning on spending them as equally as full of events. We only have a few days left of our blissful January and I must say that February's agenda is jam packed of interesting and exciting things as well. We'll be heading off to Austin in a few days for business. My husband has some political business and I'll be spending the afternoon on my own. I'm planning on taking in a couple of new exhibits at the museum of art and hitting up one of my favorite central Texas tea house, TEA EMBASSY. Here's a little clip for y'all. Once you watch it you'll truly understand why it's on my "must to do" list while in Austin.

It has been a fantastic find. The funky boutiques, unique restaurants, and little shops is what I miss most about living in Austin. However, thankfully we still do business in the capital city so I'm able to still visit my favorites (just not as often as I wish).

This year I'm dedicating my antique explorations to hunting down vintage tea caddy's. I have a couple that I use religiously but I think it would be such a treasure to have more than one. I just purchased a beautiful tea cabinet this week. Wow, you should see my tea set now. I had to put the cabinet on display in the living room so I could sit and gaze at it. It's silly I know but I love tea, china, and the works. The whole experience really. I just found a woman in my neighborhood that just moved down from Chicago. She loves tea, tea houses, and antiques as much as I do. I can see that this is going to be a beautiful friendship, LOL. We are suppose to have high tea at the country club in a couple of weeks. She is a bit older than I am and her daughter just had a baby. Yes, quite a bit older than I am but our love for tea and antiques fills the gap. Isn't that a lovely way to have an birth announcement with a tea party? I love it! So many women are not into the traditional things anymore. I suppose I'm just an old fashion traditional girl.

I found an article that I found really interesting about a wonderful man named Jackson Hicks. He owns a catering company called, Jackson & Company, based in Houston, Texas. Mr. Hicks throws the most elaborate tea parties in his historic Greek style home. He fancies himself on exquisite details down to the cloth pressed napkins, silver pieces, china, and hundreds of flowers. Oh what I wouldn't do to be invited to one of his tea parties.


Lexilooo said...

Okay, the next time I'm in Austin, you must take me to the Tea Embassy!

(I love how I say the next time, as if I'm there frequently...I've never been!)

Also, please post photos of the tea cabinet! One of these days, I should post some photos of my tea pots and tea cups, though I'm sure my little collection isn't as lovely as yours!

Lexilooo said...

PS. I know you like antique shops, but you might also consider looking at for tea caddies....they have a large amount of vintage items, who knows what they might have for you!

Lexilooo said...

One more thing :)

Have you tried Pearl Teas? I recently discovered them at a cooking show I went to last November, and tried a few there, and bought several! They are so nice. I especially like the lemon creme roobios and the earl grey de la creme!

Cathy said...

Hello...thanks so much for your sweet visit earlier..I thought I would return the favor!

I adore Austin...such a wonderful city with sooo much to see and do...I am putting the Tea Embassy on my list of things to do the next time we are there!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Gigi, on your table, could you sand it down & restain it really dark?? I've seen some neat gel stains out there in Espresso, really dark brown. I think that would look great with your other things if you could sand down & restain. That gelstain seems to work great for things like that.

midnight macaroons said...

I promise to take some photos of my tea cabinet and post them for you. Thanks for the tip on etsy. I love etsy but I never thought to look there for tea caddys. Great idea! Also, thanks for sharing your newest find with me. I can't wait to try pearl tea.

Jill said...

Oh my gosh... I would LOVE to attend one of Jackson Hick's parties too! Between the 2 of us, we must know someone who could get us an invite. :)