Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pie in the Sky

The surgery center had cancelled some of their cases today so my hubby decided to take the entire day off. We needed to work around the house and I had given him a huge "honey-do list" which I was excited to see things finally getting accomplished. We really want our 2010 to start off on the right foot and are willing to put the extra work and efforts into reaching our goals this year.

By late afternoon my husband desperately wanted to get out. He gets cabin fever really easy. Perhaps he wanted to get away from the "honey-do chores." He suggested we go for a little drive and treat ourselves to a piece of pie over at Pie in the Sky. I'm currently dieting and working hard to lose the extra fluff I managed to gain this season. I wasn't thrilled with the idea but I could see that he really wanted to go and since he has agreed to eat more healthy meals and stay away from fried foods (only once a week treat) I agreed. Besides, the pie is good!

This is the pie place I wrote about in my previous post. It's so cute and relaxing here. My favorite pie is the apple and my husband loves Southern pecan. I managed to get a few snap shots without looking like a crazy woman. This way y'all see what I'm talking about....

I love the idea of using the cookie sheet as the frame for the ladies room sign. Clever idea!

The funky decor is really fun

They have unique signs like this all over the place

And old antique school house chairs in the bathrooms

My favorite is the door light fixtures hanging over the tables. Too cool!

And of course....Hubby, waiting on his Southern Pecan pie.


Petunia said...

The Southern Pecan pie sounds DELICIOUS! What a cute place!

Jill said...

I really miss Hou restaurants! I actually don't eat out much in SAT, which is good, I guess? Still haven't noticed a big difference in my weight. :(

I LOVE pie and I'm really wanting to snack right now. Ha! I should go to bed.

Amy C said...

You're so sweet....I hope I will be smokin hot...it's been a long time :-( Shoot, you want to look good in shorts...I want to look good in capri's :-) and BTW...you do not look like you need to work out in the pics you post!

Do you think Pie in the Sky is lowfat...I wanna go!!! :-)

Bella Michelle said...

Now that sounds like a perfect place for an afternoon date with one's honey! I really love the doors (yes, I am developling quite a crush on old doors!)