Monday, January 25, 2010

Vancouver 2010

I'm really excited about the winter Olympics in Vancouver this year. Figure Ice Skating is my absolute favorite sport in the winter Olympics. This year I'm totally rooting for Shasha Cohen. Her skating is so elegant and she's so beautiful. I love her outfits too. Go Shasha!!!


Jill said...

Oh Gigi, I hope you'll still be my friend. I don't care for the Olympics b/c it's on NBC and my lifetime favorite show, Days of Our Lives, is interrupted. Ha!

I do love the cute outfits the figure skaters wear! There was a Project Runway contest about figure skater outfits...very cute!

midnight macaroons said...

Oh dont you hate that? I feel the same way about football. It pushes all my favorite shows into other time slots.

I wish I would have caught that Project Runway. I love the costumes that the Slavic countries have. I think some of the Russian ice skaters have the best costumes.