Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monogram Friday

Ok, so Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls is hosting a fabulous Monogram Friday. You're suppose to show all the lovely monogram things that you absolutely love. Well, if you know me you'll know that I adore monogram ANY & EVERYTHING!!! We are in the process of remodeling our home and I have a ton of boxes stashed in the back room. Frankly, I'm feeling a bit lazy and don't want to rummage through the boxes to find my things. However, here is my list of monogram items I live for...

Monogram Pillows are my favorite to collect. Love them!!!

Who doesn't own monogram stationary? I receive stationary as a Christmas gift annually.

Monogram jewelry is a must have. I've been wanting a Tiffany & Co bracelet with my initial "G" on it. It's very similar to this one.

I adore monogram hand towels for the guest bathroom. I think monogram hand towels along with monogram soaps are a special touch. I should have posted a picture of my soap.

Ok, so I don't have these but I wish I did. They would look fab in my guest bathroom. Our last name starts with a "B" and everything (sigh). It's meant to be mine. :)

Have a wonderful weekend and drop by when you get a chance. She's hosting for a friend of hers. She is such a big sweetie and she has a really fun blog.


Jill said...

LOVE your monogrammed goodies. Everything is so classy, like you. :)

The pillows are so pretty; they have a shabby chic feel... love that. Oh my goodness, that stationery is beautiful. I have my fingers crossed that your hubby will see this post and get you the Tiffany's monogrammed bracelet.

Have a great weekend.

Lexilooo said...

So pretty! I recently posted about monograms and how I am now getting back into them!

Several weeks ago, I was home helping my aunt clean out her mother-in-law's house (she's not technically my grandmother, but we have always been really close) as she recently moved to an assisted living home. My aunt said I could take whatever I wanted...and I did! I found some gorgeous linens and found about 12 beautiful white napkins with a C embroidered on it, which is my boyfriend's last name, so it will be so nice to use them once we are married!

(I posted about them, with pics, a little bit ago!)

PS. I want that bracelet too!