Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I participated in peeptoepumpsandpearls give away and won!!! It totally blew me away because I'm one of those people who rarely wins anything. I think the last time I won something I was in the 3rd grade and it was lousy puzzle. That's why I shop, take in the shows, and hit the buffets when we go to Vegas.

This afternoon I received the most adorable box and inside was my lovely candle. It's smells scrumptious. Forgive my hotness. I got caught in a storm in the middle of my jog and I'm in the middle of cooking dinner for hubby. Just wanted to say, THANKS, JILL!!!


Petunia said...

Congratulations--it is always so fun to win something!!

Jill said...

Yay!!! I'm glad you got the candle, espeically since the last thing you won was in 3rd grade. :)

Lexilooo said...

Yay! I have one of their candles, and it is so nice, I love it!