Monday, August 24, 2009

Auntie Mame

The fall weather hasn't rolled into the region yet but we are starting to see showers once again. I'm not complaining considering it's been a truly dry season. My lawn is enjoying all this heavy rain and hopefully those small ugly brown spots will soon disappear. However, it's not fun to jog in the rain and impossible to play what do you do on a rainy evening? Watch a movie of course.

It drives me crazy because we have about a million channels and nothing is ever on. If you are not into "REALITY TV" you are pretty much out of luck. Well, I went through all our DVDs and came across one of my ultimate favorites, Auntie Mame. Does anyone else remember this musical? It's hilarious. Maybe the dysfunctional character reminds me all too well of my own relatives. Cocktail hour, Martini parties, and cigarette smoke fills my childhood memories. Who else at the age of 9 could bartend their own Grandmother's bridge club with Bloody Mary's? When thinking of my own Grandmother and Great Auntie's the first thing that comes to mind is Virginia Slims, leopard print, big gaudy diamond rings, and huge luxury vehicles. It's a wonder how I became so conservative with a family like this one. But it does happen....

The little boy's character, Patrick, has a very familiar upbringing. I believe if you've seen this movie and tears stream off your cheeks from laughter you probably understand the humor of this film. The remodeling scenes get me roaring. I remember my own Grandmother and Auntie's remodeling their houses every year in the most trendiest furniture down to the shag rugs and hideous chandeliers, LOL!

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Jill said...

Oh my goodness... I miss the rainy Houston days SOOO much. I LOVE rain. When it rains I like to watch a movie or take a nap.

I haven't seen this musical but it looks so cute. I'll have to check it out on SA's next rainy day.