Friday, August 28, 2009


Blog world is mostly a happy and superficial place where I can escape and concentrate on mundane things such as shopping, tennis, tea, and china patterns. As much as I truly enjoy filling my head of such splendid things the truth of the matter is that life isn’t like that. To be honest life is full of hardship, trials, disappointments, and at times can be downright unfair and ugly. On a flip side it can be promising, full of joy, and really beautiful. I’ve experienced both while walking this big and small world.

I’ve had some fantastic experiences in my lifetime that left me on top of the world but I’ve also been so broken that I’ve felt overwhelmed by circumstances out of my control. I know how it is to lose someone close by a tragic death, I know how it feels to lose your home and all your possessions in a tragic storm, I know how it is to have your family destroyed by a tragic divorce, I know how it feels to lose your fortune do to a tragic career decision, and I know how it feels to be anxious about dealing with a mountain of problems without any solutions. I’ve held the hand of a mother who lost her children, an old man taking his final breath of life, hugged a stranger at the moment of disparity, and cried with those who were deeply hurting.

I don’t have the answers why God allows those who be struck with hardships. But I can tell you that I find great comfort knowing that we do not endure such suffering for absolutely no reason at all. And I believe once you’ve truly suffered you have the ability to encourage, love, and show compassion on others like you’ve never done before. I try to think of people around me and how they are hurting and I try to do what I can in my power to meet their needs. Even if it’s cooking dinner and delivering it to their front door, a kind word, listening to their story. I don’t believe in tearing others down and I refuse to partake with others who do. It’s important when we interact with others to remember who you want to be, what your last words will be remembered, and what you’ll be known for.

I’d like to share with you a secret that helps me to press on while I’m in the midst of the storm. I like to listen to Tye Tribbett’s song, Hold On. I’ll blast it in my car or in my house and sing as loud as I can. Because I know that relief is on its way. Nothing stays positive forever but nothing stays bad either. Life is up and down but it’s your attitude that controls the outcome.



Petunia said...

A great post to on the 4th anniversary of Katrina!
I think that most of those who do the tearing down of others are too young or immature to have really experienced much of life. Once you've been through this type of stuff, then something as ridiculous as what someone is wearing and whether you love it or hate it seems quite trivial!

Jill said...

Thanks for such a sweet post. You're right, when life brings us hardships there is a reason. It's usually so hard for me to see the good in the middle of a hardship but looking back, I can see why certain things have happened.

People being rude and mean to others just kills me. It hurts me to see other have their feelings hurt. I think some of it is insecurity. So sad and uncalled for.