Friday, August 7, 2009

A 6 Napkin Review

My husband was off from work today so we decided to head downtown for a late lunch. We were dying to try a restaurant that was mentioned on the Zagat's list for Houston. It's a Vietnamese noodle house. It looks fabulous and had so many unique dishes. The restaurant is truly one of those best known secrets (hole in the wall). It's located in sort of a seedy location so I was happy we made it a lunch rather than a dinner date.

However, we ended up pulling up to the restaurant to only find that they were closed. We didn't think about checking the hours (never crossed our minds). Hungry and no idea where we could find some decent grub nearby, we headed back towards the north loop of the city. I noticed a sign from the feeder and pointed it out to my husband (screaming and pointing) "Shrimp Po-Boys!!!" Being married to a NOLA man all you have to say is the word "shrimp" and you've got his undivided attention. He looped around and we landed at a place called, "Antone's Famous Po-Boys." Hesitantly we sat in the parking lot debating if we dare get our hopes up. Too many times we've been let down on advertised Cajun food. We decided to go in and check it out.

Ya'll, the shrimp was delicious (freshly fried from the gulf). They had a fantastic Cajun mayo too (I always get mine fully dressed). When rating a Po-Boy you don't rate it by stars but by how many napkins you used, the messier the better. I give this little chain restaurant a rating of 6 out of 10 napkins. Not bad!


Petunia said...

Yum! You are so lucky. When I see "cajun" anywhere on a menu here I laugh hysterically because the only other option is to cry. There is no good N'Awlins food down here. NONE. :(

Jill said...

I LOVE LOVE shrimp po-boys. I could eat them everyday but I don't. :)

I love it that you used the word "feeder." I've always heard that "feeder" is a Houston word. :)