Thursday, August 6, 2009

5 Fun Family Facts

One of my friends sent me an e-mail the other day called, "5 Fun Family Facts." You list 5 interesting facts about your family. It's a lot of fun. I learned so much about my friend's family. I had no idea her father owned over 100 Piggly Wiggly's at one time. Now I understand why her parents collect pigs. They have a pig bench by their tennis court, pig statue in the kitchen, two pigs made of iron in the courtyard. I totally get it now. I just thought they REALLY loved pigs, LOL!

If y'all want to play along leave me a comment and I will leave a link to your blog so everyone can learn a little about you and your family.

Here's my 5 Fun Family Facts

I'm related to Clark Gable. He's my Grandfather's first cousin. They look identical too! Everyone always told my Grandpa "you look just like Clark Gable." He would laugh and say, "I hope so, he's my cousin. I'm (his name) Gable." My Grandpa knew Clark and moved out to Southern California back in the 1950's when he returned from the Korean War.

My mom was one of the first Cinderella's at Disneyland (California). She use to ride the floats around the park and wave to all the children. She made a great Cinderella too! This was back in the 1960's.

Both of my Grandpa's were Fire Chiefs. My Grandpa S. was the youngest Fire Chief in the history of California. He got involved in politics after working years at the fire department and finally retired as a cattle rancher in Northern California. He use to have a powerful voice, jet black hair with white around the temples, and smoke a pipe. Grandpa G. was involved in politics and after an early retirement became a Fire Chief. And just retired last year at age 77. He was fighting forest fires in his 70's!!! You would never guess he's as old as he is. The man has more energy than me!

My great great grandfather use to sell horses to Jesse James before he became an outlaw. Story has it that my great great grandfather use to own a large tobacco plantation in Georgia. The Yankee's burned it down during the Civil War. After the Civil War he migrated to Kentucky where he bread horses. Jessee's father use to be a Baptist minister in Kentucky that migrated to Missouri. We are guessing that perhaps he might have been in the area visiting relatives or just passing through. Jesse James might have known him during the Civil War because he took the Confederate side as well. Really not sure how their paths crossed.

Our Ancestors use to live next door to George Washington. George Washington was one of our ancestors "God Father." I think that's pretty cool!

I would love to hear your family's history. It's so important to remember where we came from. Even those crazy things that make our family's unique.


Petunia said...

What an interesting family history you have! And so fun about your Mom working at Disneyland--CUTE!

Jill said...

Wow~ you're family is so interesting and fun! I'm not sure I have any good info on my family. :)