Friday, April 17, 2009

I was tagged

Jill over at Peetoe Pumps and Pearls just tagged me. It's the top 8.

8 Things I Am looking Forward to:

1.) To finally saying Adios to all the tacky wallpaper when my house is completely remodeled.
2.) Becoming a mom (no,I'm not prego)
3.) Our trip over to New Orleans next month

4.) Our annual vacation we take in the Fall (we agree with Jill 100%). We look forward to the season when the kiddies go back to school & the resorts are empty.
5.) Taking my car to a car wash. It's disgusting right now.
6.) My birthday. My husband always surprises me with something great. I'm hoping it's a new Mignon Faget bracelet:)
7.) Going out to dinner with friends this weekend.
8.) Signing up for a cooking class at Hubbell & Hudson (The Woodlands, Texas)

8 Things I Did Yesterday
* Nothing exciting
1.) Read blogs
2.) Worked on a proposal for a new center
3.) Made breakfast for my husband
4.) Answered e-mails
5.) Started laundry
6.) Stopped by Hallmark to pick up a B-Day card/gift for a friend
7.) Stopped by Post Office to mail B-Day card/gift
8.) Made dinner

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1.) I wish I could speak another language. I think it's awesome when someone can speak more than one language. My husband speaks German and has tried to help me. But my tongue is not having it.
2.) I wish I could write a book. I've always wanted to become an author since I was a little girl. That would be my dream job.
3.) I wish I could sing like Ingrid Lucia.

4.) I wish I knew more about art. I love to visit museums and learn about the history behind the paintings.
5.) I wish I could become a gourmet chef and cook with my own herbs & veggies.
6.) I wish I was more disciplined and walk away from chocolate. I love chocolate!
7.) I wish I could garden and have a beautiful flower bed like the women down the street.
8.) I wish I was more organized.

8 Shows I Watch

1.) The Office
2.) The Real Housewives of NYC
3.) Desperate Housewives
4.) King of the Hill
5.) House Hunters HGTV
6.) Judge Judy
7.) Green Acres reruns

8.) I Dream of Jeanie reruns * I started watching TV Land for some odd reason.

I tag Pink Petunia in Paradise & All Things Fluffy Fabulous & Famous


Petunia said...

Oh, I will have to get to this as soon as I can. Right now I have a house full of girls for a 21 hour bday party!!

Jill said...

Love your answers. I think it's so funny y'all travel in fall too and for the same reason.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you for coming by to see me. I so much appreciate all of you taking the time to leave a comment in this busy life of ours. So nice to meet you too!