Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Yesterday I rolled out of bed around 6:30am so I could be at the church for 7:30am to help set up the Easter egg hunt. We had to move everything indoors because it was going to rain. I spent the entire morning helping everyone in my class rearrange one of the large conference rooms into an Easter extravaganza. I was happy that we got their early because I don’t think we would have found a parking place if we hadn’t (very crowded).

As soon as the service was over we made a beeline to the car and headed home (thankfully we live in the same neighborhood). I had to rush in and start cooking. However, I forgot two small ingredients and had to send hubby to Randall’s up the street. As I was cooking I looked out the French doors and saw eerie dark black clouds rolling in. Suddenly a squirrel leaped off the back fence and scurried under hubby’s new BBQ. The Cardinals began frantically chirping and dove under the awning for shelter. Within seconds I could see the storm pushing the trees back with strong winds and loud thunder shook the house. As the rain began filling the streets with streams of rushing water; I felt guilty for sending my husband out in such a mess. I turned on the weather channel and the screeching beeping sound (often heard in the south) came blaring out of the television. That’s means severe weather alert. And just as fast as the storm appeared it disappeared and the sun began shining. Texas has crazy weather. About 10 minutes later I heard my hubby drive up. I grabbed the camera and surprised him as he walked through the door. He doesn’t look very amused, does he? But he quickly got into the festive mood when the table was set. We had Rosemary thyme lamb, Cajun Cornbread, Grilled Lemon Pepper Asparagas, Cinnamon Red Wine Baked Sweet Potatoes and Fig Cake with a Buttermilk frosting.

* Check out our tacky wallpaper behind him. The whole house is full of this traditional icky stuff. It’ll be nice when the house is finished.


Petunia said...

Wow--your meal sounded yummy!!!
I see what you meant about the new house's wallpaper!

Jill said...

Yum Yum Yum...Your Easter lunch sounds amazing! How do you make cajun cornbread? I've been thinking about making crawfish bread. I've searhed recipes online. Have you ever made it?

midnight macaroons said...

Petunia~ Yes, this is the icky wallpaper I was embarrassed to post. I think anything would be better than this traditional stuff. I almost passed out when we came to look at the house. Thankfully it's only in the kitchen and dining room or else I don't think I could have lived here, LOL. It's coming down shortly. I'm going to post before and after pic's on my blog.