Monday, November 3, 2008

Where my Love Affair began.....

I suppose my love affair with great food started after I met my husband. I'm originally from northern California and my husband is from New Orleans. Oh, how I use to think I knew what great food was. Ha, I was a joke. I didn't know anything until I moved to New Orleans after we got married. Wow, I'm telling you!!! I had no idea of what Seafood was until I began eating my way through the French Quarter. My husband & I now live in Austin, Texas but my taste buds will always long for Nawlin's. Nawlin's has created a food snob out of me!

Here are a few of my favorite places to eat. One is Redfish Grill off of Bourbon. It's fantastic. They use to have a stuffed sweet potato catfish with a almond crust topping. It was dreadfully dangerous to those who diet. Another favorite on my list is Court of Two Sisters. Fantastic for brunches and live music. And who could live in New Orleans and not eat at Cafe Du Monde?Leave it to the French to create a fried donut smoothered in powdered sugar. It is fantastic way to spend an old fashion Nawlin's morning reading the paper eating beignets while sipping Community coffee. Also, Le Pavilion (hotel) is also serves a beautiful brunch. They make the best crawfish omelets!!!

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