Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What makes a woman attractive to her husband

Sometimes I look across the room and stare at my wonderful husband. He is strong, highly intelligent, talented, and extremely handsome. I wasn't the only woman who thought so but he wanted to marry me. He picked me out of all the women in the world. What is it that makes a woman so desirable to a man? What is that one thing that they think, "this is the woman I want as my wife."

Is it her laugh? Her sense of style? Her ideas? Her beauty? I suppose it's all above. It is the unique way she makes her spouse feel about himself. The way a woman can build a man up. Make him feel like Superman. Make him feel like he is the luckiest man alive. However, just as a woman can build up she can also tear down. Think about the woman and the little things that your husband fell in love with. Concentrate on never losing the uniqueness of you. That is why he choose you out of all the women in the world. Every woman is special and has a special place in her home. She is the "wife." But do not abuse that position, manipulate your husband, or tear down your family. There is nothing that is attractive about a bitter and angry woman. Only you can think and act positive. Only you can become as attractive as you want to be. Smile and laugh like a love sick teenager. Beauty fades but your character should grow stronger and more beautiful than ever.

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