Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My very first car was a 1972 Mercedes 240C. My father owned a car restoration business. He use to work on exotic and classic cars. I grew up around Jaguar, Ferri, Mercedes, BMW's.... I can still smell the leather upholstery. I love classic cars. To this day I still have an eye for picking out a model and year. I've surprised my peers. Little I mention about my childhood growing up in my father's shop. I use to have to deliver/pick-up these pricy beauties. I was sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, driving Ferri's up and down the I-5 in California. I wasn't your typical teenage girl. My family wasn't wealthy but I was surrounded by wealth. I remember my silver little coupe. I sold it to buy a new car. Oh, how stupid that was. I would do anything to have my little silver Mercedes back.

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