Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Texas wine?

When most think of wine they think France, Italy, Germany, and California. But they do not think of Texas. However, Texas has fairly good wine. I grew up near the wine country in California and got to hang out around the wineries in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, even Oregon and Washington have some fantastic wines. However, here in the Texas Hill Country they have beautiful wineries. My favorite is on the way out to Fredricksburg. It's name is Becker Winery http://www.beckervineyards.com/

The Hill Country is also known for it's Lavender farms. It is so beautiful out there. You can drive over to Blanco and cut your own Lavender. It's a lot of fun and if you love Lavender there is nothing better than getting some fresh cut to put on your wall, linen drawers, or cook with.

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