Monday, February 22, 2010

White House China

I'm in the midst of deciding between two China patterns by Villeroy and Boch. I'm slowly building up my China collection. I have only a few sets that I've managed to purchase in my 8 years of marriage. Now I'm looking to acquire another for solely entertaining purposes. I would like to have several for all four seasons and occasions. While drooling over several patterns I stumbled onto a site that listed the China patterns used by our former Presidents. I only listed my top four favorite patterns.

Pattern #1 ~ President Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921). I really like this pattern. It's very masculine but elegant. This is by far one of the best patterns in the White House collection.

Pattern #2- President Franklin Pierce (1853-1857) This pattern is so simple but yet stunning. I really love the dark blue color with the gold. Just enough color but not overdone. Lovely!

Pattern #3- President Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809) I really like the this pattern. It's beautiful! I really think the way the crest is surrounded by the tiny details makes it look very European. And the edges of the pattern surrounding the plate looks like a tiny Fleur De Lis fence.

Pattern #4- President George Washington (1789-1797) This isn't my favorite pattern. However, I think it's pretty remarkable that it's the first China set that was ever used in our nation's capital. I can't imagine who actually sat at the table with President Washington and feasted off this immaculate dinnerware. Truly the beginning of American legacy.

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