Sunday, February 28, 2010

Houston Ballet

This afternoon my husband and I attended the Houston Ballet. We love the ballet and Houston has an extraordinary theater district. Did you know that Houston is #2 in the nation for the arts? Yes, it's #2 and NYC is #1 in the nation. Houston has a fantastic Opera, Symphony, and Ballet. And Houston is very vast in the live music venue which spreads across the city. This Sunday afternoon we went to see La Bayadere. It was a lovely performance. And my husband got a big kick that former President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush were sitting a few rows in front of us. I agree it was exciting to see any former President at the ballet.

The Wortham is such a beautiful theater. I always enjoy the performances that I attend there. And the dancers were marvelous. I thought the dancer who played the part of Nikiya the temple dancer danced so elegant. How I wish I could be so graceful. And Solor the warrior prince was also very impressive. However, my favorite scene was in Act III during the Kingdom of Shades scene when all the temple dancers danced. It was such a beautiful scene. If you are ever in the Houston area I highly recommend an outting to our theater district. Fabulous performances.

Afterwards my husband and I drove over to one of our favorite local German restaurants. However, we were disappointed to find that it was closed on Sunday's. We rarely venture out on Sunday's after church so it was a surprise. We decided to dine at Cheesecakes instead. I ordered something new and was delighted I did. I had the White Chicken Chili. Has anyone ever ordered this dish from Cheesecakes? It's absolutely delish. And of course a trip wouldn't be complete to Cheescakes without dessert. I had their traditional Apple Crisp. Now I feel so guilty that I will be hitting the gym first thing in the morning, ha. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


Trish said...

The ballet looks WONDERFUL! I have read many amazing reviews about the Houston ballet. I am so glad you had such a great experience!

I've had the white chicken chili @ Cheesecake and agree that it is TO DIE FOR! Hmm..perhaps we can find the recipe online? YUM!

Miss Janice said...

Sounds like the ballet was wonderful. I have not tried the white chicken chili at the CF. There is soooooo much food on their menu and everything always sounds so good. I'll have to try to the chili sometime.

Bella Michelle said...

That sounds like a lovely afternoon. At CF I always order chicken salad so I probably should venture out and try some other things!

Jill said...

What a fun afternoon! Houston is the best. I love all the arts and events Houston offers. I just heard Dallas now has more and worse traffic than Hou. Ha Ha!