Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Rude Shopper

I just finished reading a post by Miss Janice. She's one of my favorites and I truly enjoy reading her blog of etiquette's. Her blog name says it all Etiquette with Miss Janice. She is such an admirable woman and a true Southern lady. She teaches many etiquette classes but my absolute favorite are her etiquette courses for children. If only this was a mandated requirement in our educational system. It would change our society for the greater good. However, sadly with every generation it seems that proper etiquette and social graces is something that is regretfully slipping away. Just as I said in my reply to her post; "It's not a class, age, or money issue." Yes, economics does not play a role into our profoundly arrogant and selfish society we've turned into today. I've seen this bad behavior in some of the most luxurious resorts, hotels, restaurants, and stores as well in common public areas. It's rather disturbing as a small gesture such as opening the door for an elderly woman, thanking someone who has helped you, shocks the individual. Isn't this how we were raised?
Well, I have a story that I told Miss Janice that I would post. It's regarding an incident with a very rude shopper. I believe we all have ran into one from time to time. True elegance isn't what the individual does to you but how you respond. Your response is the key that sets you apart. You can still be appropriate and get your point across all by remaining proper.
One evening, while living in New Orleans, my husband suggested that we stop at a very well known bookstore. My husband and I both love to read and spend countless hours hunting down good books. I was in search of a particular book on interior design. When I entered the section I needed I noticed two women discussing the photographs inside one of the books. They were both standing directly in front of the section I needed. They weren't being rude but just enthralled in conversation. I smiled and asked if I could slip by them to pull a book off the shelf. They gladly stepped to the side so I could reach my book. I too automatically began flipping through the pages.
Suddenly a loud bang could be heard as it echoed through out the building. All three of us turned to see a woman who apparently dropped her book. We all went back to reading our books. Again, the same loud bang. This time we all stood looking at her in confusion. She dropped two books? She stood glaring at the two women and me.
Me- "If you need to get by please let me know."
Rude Shopper- "I thought you would get the picture when I threw my books on the ground."
All three of us stood in silence not knowing what to say. The two women actually turned white over her remark. She went onto say, "I would think someone of your age would respect their elders."
The reason why she was upset is that the other two women were blocking her view of the bookcase. I was on the side and really not in her way but I knew she was too cowardly to say something to the two women so she was attacking me. I suppose because I was the youngest one she thought she could pour her venom onto me.
I looked around and other customers sitting at the tables and chairs were all gawking and were eagerly waiting to see how I would respond. It takes more strength not to want to yell at this woman but remain in control of my emotions.
Me-"Well, you would be correct. I was raised to respect my elders. And when I see someone respectful I'll be sure do to that. By observing your behavior of throwing books on the floor like a child it leads me to believe you're lost. Perhaps you should seek assistance from a store employee to point out the section on proper etiquette's."
I smiled picked up my purse and walked away. I could feel everyone eyes glaring at that woman. I got my point across without even raising my voice. A store employee approached me and said, "What was going on over there?" I told him, " A woman is throwing books on the floor." He took off after her.
I was appalled by this woman's behavior. To throw a tantrum like that is inexcusable. I believe we are seeing more and more of these "tantrums" in society. It's ridiculous when you see someone over the age of 5 throwing one. Perhaps Miss Janice could write a post on bookstore etiquette, ha, ha... A true Southern lady always conducts herself porperly even in the midst of the battle.


midnight macaroons said...

I apologize that everything is jumbled together. I have no idea why my blog will not allow me to seperate the paragraphs.

Lexilooo said...

oh my!

Trish said...

You said it perfectly girlfriend!!!! The world could use a lesson in grace and patience!

I am so happy to be reading your blog! :) XO

Bella Michelle said...

Miss Janice is a jewel! I agree that etiquette should be required in school and also business etiquette for college students should be a required class. My 2 oldest have been through (or are going through) cotillion training and although they may have grumbled, I know it will be valued in the future.

BTW, you were lovely in the bookstore...perfectly lovely! teeheee.

Miss Janice said...

Well, this person would definitely be nominated for 'Miss Janice's tarnished spoon award'! How tacky and rude! I simply cannot take all this ridiculous behavior:) To be honest, a lot of times, I have to just say nothing!