Thursday, February 4, 2010

Luxury trains

My husband has always had a fascination for trains. I believe his love for trains began at a very young age of 2 years old. Reminiscing through old childhood photographs I've seen practically half a dozen train theme birthday cakes. And he has had several train sets from little toy ones to top dollar. I began this previous week searching for a train trip that we might be able to take. Train travel use to be very chic and luxurious. There are still some very expensive trains presently. I know when we've been traveling through Europe these magnificent machines were much more relaxing than any first class flight I'd been on. It seemed odd to hop from one country to another in a matter of hours. And it what fun to watch the foreign countryside out the windows as we flew by.

I'm searching for something in the states but perhaps we'll have to go out of country to have a true train experience. Some of my favorite finds are:

1.) Royal Canadian Pacific - The Royal Canadian Pacific is one of the most beautiful trains in Northern America. It consists of 10 Canadian railways. The train is made up of silver, brass, walnut paneling, gourmet cuisine, and fine wine. Beautiful!

2.) Golden Chariot- The Golden Chariot was named after the famous stone Chariot in Hampi. This train travels through parts of South India. Each coach is named after the dynasties. They have beautiful luxury suites, piano lounge, grand dining room filled with fine china and silver, and finally a spa to get your mid afternoon massage. Definitely makes my list.

3.) Orient Express- The Orient Express is my favorite train of all. It's very famous and has been in several movies. As most of you know that I'm a huge Hercule Poirot fan and James Bond. Both have been on the Orient Express. Yes, Agatha Christie put the center of location aboard the Orient Express in her murder mystery. And James Bond traveled on the infamous Orient in the movie "From Russia with Love." Look at the lovely wood paneling. Absolutely stunning! One day I will travel on this gorgeous train.

I also wanted to share some great news I found out about an estate piece I picked up during my trip to Dallas, TX. Previously I posted about a small bee pin I managed to come across. Here's the photo.

Well, I came across another and found out that this one (of course it's a bit more glamorous) is worth $800.00! I have yet to have mine priced but it's such a conversational piece I was thinking of wearing it on my lapel of my wool coat.

I adore estate jewelry but knowing that I found such a great piece makes me enjoy my little bee that much more.


Jill said...

Okay~ I want to take a train trip now. :) These look so fancy!

I've got to tell you about a couple antique shops I love. This week I was working in Beaumont and headed about 10 miles north to Lumberton. Lumberton has 2 great antique shops with fantastic prices. If you're ever in that area, let me know and I'll give you the details.

Miss Janice said...

I took a fancy train once in Switzerland...a long time ago! I'd love to take a fancy train trip today!