Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Furniture

I'm so excited. My husband and I have finally agreed and settled on furniture. We've been spending months searching for a new set. When we were first married we had purchased a few pieces but most of our furniture blended from his house and mine. Not a lot matched. Most of our furniture came from Pier 1 Imports. That was high end for someone on a college budget and very popular 10 years ago. After hurricane Katrina wiped out our home we replaced the odds and ends through antique dealerships and your average run of the mill department store type furniture stores. After 8 years of wedding bliss we have finally reached that place where we can afford to buy what we really want. And I'm over the top about placing my order tomorrow afternoon.

Thankfully Houston has a large port and I will not have to pay a hefty shipping price. The furniture is being shipped from Europe. It's 100% Mahogany. Not a base coat or cheap wood but the actual real deal. I don't like the fabric so I'm going to have the chairs reupholstered and I've already begun looking over fabric samples.
Here are a few ideas I have. Tell me which you prefer more.

Here's some pictures I found online of the furniture we will be ordering.

Our new TV Cabinet

Side Table

Writing Desk

Gold Mirror

Dining Room Chairs

Bench in corner of Dining Room

Dining Room Table


Trish said...

Your furniture selections are divine. I am particularly drawn to the green fleur de lis/bees pattern for the upholstry, but the red toile is super elegant too!

The entire suite of furniture is gorgeous, including that TV armoire! Talk about a statement piece! Loving the bench for the dining room too. Very cozy. :)

I see many fabulous dinner parties in your future my dear! Happy weekend to you XOXO

stephen said...

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Jill said...

Oh my gosh, Gigi.... I love the new furniture you've picked. It's beautiful. I really like both fabrics. Could you use both? Maybe one to cover the chairs and the other in a small pillow or bench?

kay said...

I love the furniture you picked, especially the fabrics and the dining room table and chairs,it is all beautiful, good luck it wall all look fabulous.