Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger Woods

I've been watching the news this afternoon and I'm so disgusted with the Tiger Woods story. This athlete was suppose to be one of the good ones. There are hardly any good role models out there for younger generations and Tiger was one of them. Well, not anymore. I applaud the sponsors for pulling out of the contracts not to muddy their own reputations. I believe in forgiving those who desperately seek it but I also believe in consequences to bad behavior.

Do you believe society has taken a blind eye approach by excusing bad behavior because they are enamored by stardom? I believe this to be true. Not long ago this would have been a career ender but I hardly think Woods will get nothing more than a simple disappointing head shake and disapproval snicker at most. I can already hear the excuses pouring in now and how we should foolishly feel sorry for him. Look at Kobe Bryant. Can you imagine being Vanessa Bryant? Kobe has a 2nd affair scandal (rolling eyes). This man is still praised because of his athletic super stardom. Shouldn't personal integrity count for something regardless your athletic capabilities? The guy is a cheating sleaze bag and yet he still has faithful fans? I don't understand.

What about Michael Vick (Atlanta Falcons) who plead guilty for dog fighting (torturing dogs to death)? He's back on the football field making his millions. Where's the standard people? Basically if someone looks good, plays a sport well, or sings/acts well, they are pardoned from personal accountability in our society? They can do and say whatever they want and we the people will kiss their feet. Yeah, that's what I want my future children to look up to, NOT! We've become a whorish nation of dirt bags if you ask me. I believe if we stood up and refused to support the celebrities who break the law, have affairs, curse and threaten (Serena Williams), etc.. it would not only change the bad behavior of celebrities but society. Kids watch their role models get into trouble with no consequences but a mere slap on the hand. What is this teaching them?

I don't know about you but I'll be choosing to root for anyone but Woods on the next PGA tour. He's very talented on the greens but I cannot support him in good faith. I hope he truly is sorry and can save his marriage for his kids sake. But his reputation has been tainted in my book. There's a high cost to low living.


Petunia said...

It is disgusting! I do believe that role models should be held accountable--think of all of the young men (like my stepson) who play golf and look up to him. Society should not dismiss this, but you know he'll be "just fine".

Amy C said...

Oh I sooo agree with you. Don't even get me started on Michael Vick!!! I went off on Facebook about that loser!!! And I can't believe Tiger is a dirtball!!!

Jill said...

I agree. Tons of famous people get "free passes" for their bad behavior. It's digusting.

thethriftyhousewife said...

I am glad someone is saying this! What he did is not OK, there should be some serious consequences, such as advertisers dropping him, and being disciplined by the PGA for his conduct.