Saturday, May 9, 2009

Who's your favorite Mom?

Since Mother's Days is around the corner I thought it would be fun to ask who's your favorite T.V. mom's?

Who is your favorite cartoon mom? Mine is Jane Jetson. Growing up I loved watching the Jestons. In the summer, when I was a girl, I would hurry after swim class and ride by bike 4 blocks so I wouldn't miss my show. I thought Jane Jetson was beautiful, classy, and fun. She's definitely my favorite cartoon mom by far.

Who is your favorite T.V. mom? My favorite is Samantha off of Bewitched. I think she's really funny and sweet. And how cool would it be with a mom that had special powers? Samantha is my all time favorite T.V. mom.

Who is your favorite movie mom? I love Ellen Griswold off of Lampoon's Vacation movies. She is the ultimate mom. I love it when she looks at Clark Griswold and says, "Sparky." She's hilarious.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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