Thursday, May 28, 2009

Decorating Inspirations

I've been looking over sites for some decorating ideas and came across these. I love the bathroom. The colors are perfect for the color scheme of our home.

I've been also looking over landscaping ideas. I really want Hydrangea's and Angel Trumpets. They are beautiful!!!


Petunia said...

I love that neutral color scheme. The wall paint color is pretty.
I wish I could have hydrangeas down here, but I think it is too hot for them. They are so pretty when they are blooming!

Mel said...

The bathroom is GORGEOUS!! I love it! Thanks for the compliment on my little guy. He is monster so good thing he is cute! I am following your blog and have listed you on my sidebar as well. I love the decorating inspiration and we are moving to TN this summer so I am going to need all the tips I can get! :)