Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Sales

My husband and I hit some antique sales today. We found all sorts of wonderful goodies. Part of the fun of antiquing is trying to hunt down things at a cheap price. My relatives own a antique dealership in Dallas. They are always finding great deals at garage sales, antique sales, and estate sales. They are REALLY serious but I do it for fun. My hubby has a great eye for hidden jewels. He's the best person to go with. Check out my great finds....

Antique Lace Table Runner $3.50

The Bird's Nest $2.00

Silver Children's Plate $3.00 *still in original package

Black Floral Tray $3.00

Iron Bird Candle Holder $4.00

Grand Total $15.50

Now where can you go on a shopping spree for under $20.00? I can't wait to hit more antique sales over the summer.


Jill said...

Great finds!!! Love your new blog design too.


You should come to MA for the Brimfield Flea Market. It is an antique shopper's paradise!!