Monday, May 11, 2009

My New Bird Feeder

I'm so excited about my newest find. I found this great bird feeder on the Twiggery site. It'll look great out on my patio. I already have two tea cup bird feeders so now it'll look like a set. Y'all I have to tell you about our newest pet. About a week ago a red Cardinal landed in my hanging flower pot. We have two sets of french doors that lead out to the patio. My husband likes to come home and sit in his chair next to the french doors and watch television while he's working on the laptop. Every night around 8:30 pm we hear chirping. He goes crazy and yells at my hubby to turn the lamp off. My husband turns it off and it stops. My husband thought it was cute the first two nights but now it's been almost a week and it's getting pretty old. He says it's ridiculous that a bird is running his house. It's so funny!!!


TexasLauren77 said...

that is hilarious! My little parakeet, Bella, can be a bit of a diva, too... If she's in the mood for attention and I'm in the room and not giving it to her, she'll squak like a maniac until I whistle back at her! Of course, Sally the Bird Huntress LOVES this!!

Petunia said...

How cute! The birdfeeder and the bird!!

Jill said...

This is the cutest bird feeder I've ever seen. Great find!

Yes, Yes, Yes... I LOVE Gumbo! It's one of my favorites.