Saturday, July 18, 2009

San Antonio

I just returned from my San Antonio trip. My husband and I drove over last night and this morning I went to my dear friend's baby shower. We met playing tennis and our husband's have a lot in common. They even share the same Birthday! They were the couple we use to play tennis with every Saturday morning and then we'd try new restaurants around Austin. We instantly clicked and became best of friends.

My friend and her sister are both prego!!! She's having a boy and her sister a girl. They will be only 6 weeks apart. You can imagine how thrilled her parents are right now. They decided to combine showers in San Antonio considering that one lives in Austin and the other in Houston. Jan hosted the shower at her beautiful home over looking the city. The views are out of this world! It's a mission style home and absolutely gorgeous. We were very pampered with champagne, wine, wait staff and all.

The guys spent the afternoon at my friend's parents house. They hired a tennis pro to help them with their game. Our husband's were exhausted by the time we returned. The pro really worked them over on the court but my husband's backhand has already improved considerably. Yikes, I better watch out!

It was a great day and we had such a fantastic time visiting everyone. I wish we could have stayed a bit longer but we had to return home this evening. Hubby has a huge meeting on Monday morning he has to prepare for. However, the small trip was worth it to share in the excitement of the new babies. Her dad has added a small play ground (no joke) in his huge backyard (an acre lot). It's a true play ground with teeter taughters, swings, and the works. He's so cute and will be a fantastic grandfather.

True San Antonio festive wreath

The theme, "Two Peas in the Pod." Here's the adorable invitation greeting the guest's in the entry way.

Instead of cake they ordered large petit fours...they were scrumptious!

We had a beautiful luncheon; chicken salad, fruit, asparagus with a cheese sauce, wonderful cheese platter with crackers, and biscuits.
His and Her gift piles....They received so many adorable gifts!!!

Jan and Linda who hosted the double baby shower. They did a fabulous job!!!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by! You were asking about tan paint colors. Here are a few that I've heard good things about, but haven't used myself:
Bleeker Beige by Ben Moore
Latte by Sherwin Williams (the whole strip)
I have bought SW paint, but you can also get things mixed at Lowes & use their Valspar brand which is top rated. Not sure it's any cheaper than SW though.

Petunia said...

What a lovely shower for these two ladies! I just love the home--thanks for posting pictures!! Sounds like a fun trip. :)

Jill said...

Ohhh... I'm so glad you had fun. What a beautiful home and shower.

Maybe next time you're passing through SA, we can meet up for dining and shopping...two favorite things we share. :)