Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beach theme

Blah! It's been so hot and miserable in Houston. Yesterday the heat index was 110!!! It's difficult to enjoy anything when it's hot and muggy. Houston had their Freedom over Texas annual celebration yesterday. I didn't realize until after watching the news that Houston has one of the largest fireworks show in the nation. Over 100,000 people attend the festival each year. We were planning on driving downtown to watch the fireworks from hubby's office (he has a great view of the city) but all I could think about was cooling off and opted to stay indoors with the A/C (totally wimped out). We watched a movie instead (He's Just Not That Into You). Has anyone else seen it? I got a big kick that the character's name was, Gigi. I don't run into a lot of Gigi's so I thought that was pretty amusing.

While I was shopping online I came across two really cute websites. I love the beach and beach theme homes.

Adorable linens

This looks like something I'd see in Coastal Living Magazine. It's beautiful towel holder and would definitely be a conversational peice in kitchen.

Does anyone else love napkin rings? I think you can really spruce up any table with them. They have a great selection that's affordable at World Market & Pier 1. And they make great gifts too. I love the turtle and starfish.

I'm in love with these plates.

Isn't this a cool beach tote?


Petunia said...

We crashed early yesterday, too!!
That movie was a good one! And I LOVE beach decor--eventually my whole house is going to be some shade of blue, white, or tan!! LOL!

Jill said...

The heat is crazy~ is it me or does it get hotter every year? I'm with you on staying inside. My mom and I covered a lamp shade inside, while my dad watched fireworks on the porch.

Cute beach finds! Even though I like to be inside, it would be so fun to have a beach house and decorate it.