Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tomorrow is moving day!!!

I can't believe that tomorrow is the BIG day. It seems like we've been planning this move for a couple of months but it really hasn't hit me at all. Saturday we drove down to look at our new house. It's really great and I love it. I packed my car with crystaL, china, and some paintings. The new house goes so well with our things....Do you know what I mean? Have you just walked into a house and felt like it was made for you? Well this house feels like that. I haven't even spent my first night in it and it already feels like home. Everyone is so nice too. We were invited to a Mardi Gras festival and to dinner as soon as we arrived. I think we are going to make really great memories here. I better go; I need to be rested for the move tomorrow. Everything is packed up and in the old house and it looks so empty. Our voices echo through the house. I'll miss this old place but I'm looking forward to a new adventure. Closing the chapter in Austin and starting a new one in Houston. Here we go!!!

I found this on the web. Isn't it cute!!! Y'all haul (too funny).

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