Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Secret Soap Fetish

I just bought these cute monkey soaps for my guest bathroom and scented liners for my chest drawers. I think all of us are drawn to collect unique things. We don't understand why we are drawn to them but we just are. For an example, my mother-in-law loves chickens. She collects anything with a certain type of chicken on it. My friend collects ceramic pigs. Me, I love soap. Not just any soap. It's not like I'm collecting Lever 2000 or anything like that. No, I love European soaps. It started a few years ago when we were in France. I walked into a boutique and I was hooked. I have a bathroom pantry that is dedicated to nothing but luxury soaps. I give them out for gifts or I put them out for my house guests. There is something about having them that makes me feel special.

What do you collect? And is there a story behind your collection?

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