Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Capital of Texas; Yee-Haw!!!

Ok, so my husband works for a development/management group that purchases/builds Ambulatory Surgical Centers. He's heavily involved in healthcare lobbying for physician owned hospitals. I work as an independent contractor (project management) for these hospitals. You could say we have an invested interest in what they "the man" is doing down at the capital. Today we met with a group of lobbiest and paired off to meet as many Senators/Representatives as we could. We explained our stance on healthcare bills that would be affecting us and asked them to vote in our favor. It was a very long day and even longer for my poor feet (I wore heels). My feet felt like they were going to explode but seriously....I looked darn good walking around in pain, ha, ha.. My husband was so excited because he got to meet Senator Dan Patrick. Senator Patrick wrote a book called, "The Second Most Important Book You'll Ever Read." We actually were there to get his support in voting for us. It wasn't until after we spoke with his office we whipped out his book and begged to get him to autograph it. He was the nicest guy, y'all. He was super busy but asked us back to his office and gave us a movie he put out too. Here's the picture of us. We look soooo money, ha, ha...Oh, Senator Dan Patrick looks good too~

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