Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Very Humbled....

First I'd like to say that I've been overwhelmed at how many wonderful and terrific people I've met in the blog world. I've truly enjoyed getting to know y'all. I started this little blog of mine one evening just for fun. I had know idea how it would cross my paths with some amazing people. Y'all I feel so humbled that not one but two of my favorite bloggers awarded me with this awesome award.

I want to thank Ruth over at This G.R.I.T.S Tale http://thisgritstale.blogspot.com/ and Bella Michelle at Southern Somedays http://www.southernsomedays.com/

Y'all, these are two fabulous southern gals. I just love reading their blogs and getting to know them. Ruth has a fabulous blog. Bella Michelle and I consider ourselves blogging soul sisters. I think if we were to do some sort of family tree research we'd find we were related somehow (I just know it).

So the rules for getting the Stylish Blogger award are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 things about me:
1. My office is full of books on plantations and antiques.
2. I love stationary.
3. I pay my hair stylist in cash because I don't want my husband to know what I REALLY spend on my hair (he'd freak out).
4. I started collecting antique brooches last year.
5. I love to play tennis and look forward to joining a league after we move.
6. I L-O-V-E historical houses and would one day like to join the Historical Preservation Society.
7. I adore anything from the 1930s. The clothing, music, movies, politics.

I'm leaving for an out of town trip so I've got to rush off and pack my bags. However, I'll list five of my favorite blogs I've come across recently:

1.) Jo @ Bees and Fluer de lis (Jo has amazing recipes) http://beesandfleurdelis.blogspot.com/
2.)Gamecock @ My Chihuahua Wears Sunglasses (Gamecock is truly a Southern Beauty Queen) http://my-chihuahua-wears-sunglasses.blogspot.com/
3.)Kay @ Sweet Preppy in Pink (Kay and I could be two peas in a pod. I love her taste in clothing and decorating). http://www.sweetpreppyinpink.com/
4.)Jacqueline @ Purple Chocolat Home (This is one of my favorite blogs. She has an amazing kitchen and never disappoints me with a post)http://purplechocolathome.blogspot.com/
5.)Trish @ Pink Preppy Lilly Lover (I found Trish last year. She's a fabulous gal from New Orleans. Welcome home Trish!!!) http://pinkpreppylillylover.blogspot.com/


Ruth said...

I love historical homes too

kay said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! This is my first award and I am so excited!! Thank you for the sweet comment!

Jo said...

You are so sweet!
I always enjoy my time spent with you sweet friend. One day I hope to chat with you in person.

Safe {and snow free} travels ~

Bella Michelle said...

Great minds think alike!!! Your are to be doubly congrats!

GamecockQueen said...

Thanks lady!! I'm posting about this next time I get on blogger!! :-)