Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm on the hunt for an antique trunk. I was flipping through one of my books on antiques and saw the most wonderful idea where they had used an old trunk in a guest room. I thought it looked fabulous and I could only imagine all the items I could store inside of it. I've seen several trunks in antique shops but had no use for one....until now. Did you know that most people use to travel with trunks? It's true. This was well before airline travel as we know it today was considered the norm. Most people traveled by train and used trunks as their personal luggage. The thought of dragging a large trunk through the airport today would be horrific. Since 9/11 it makes traveling with a regular size suitcase on wheels difficult enough let alone a heavy trunk. However, I could only wish for the amount of traveling space a trunk would provide vs. my samsonite.

Here are a few of my favorite trunks that I would love to get my hands on. The Louis Vuitton trunk would have to be my most desired of them all.


Anonymous said...

I love it, beautiful antique trunk!!!

Ruth said...

We had a trunk we found at an antique store and used it for toys in the den. My grandmother still has her trunks she took to college.

GamecockQueen said...

Vintage LV die for. Seriously!

Thanks for passing on the award!! I'm getting around to posting abt that!!!

Lexilooo said...

I have an old trunk that I picked up at a yard sale of sorts at my old elementary school years ago! It is at my parents house in NH, but I need to get it here to DC!