Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My New Louis XVI Bed

As promised I'm sharing my new bed with you all. Before you scroll down to the pictures I must admit that I'm beyond excited. I was absolutely heartbroken that my husband disagreed and refused to buy the French engraved bed. I didn't think I would ever come across a more lovely bed as I began searching through Houston. However, I did! I found this Louis XVI bed (also purchased in France). It's so beautiful and I was blown away that my husband equally fell in love with it. I'm already gearing up to find the perfect bedding. I was thinking something French in white or ivory. However, I'm open to any suggestions. I did come across a picture I was going to use as an inspiration. I'll post that as well.

The bed is made out of walnut, has satinwood marquetry, and ormolu mounts. It dates back to the early 19oo's.

My inspiration for my bedroom.

I finished reupholstering my high chair last night. Isn't it adorable! Obviously this will only be used during special occasions and not everyday use. I'll purchase a everyday type for the kitchen table. But I couldn't resist the little thing once I came across it. Besides, children should be taught at a very young age their dining etiquette. I just might fly our children to Florida and enroll them in one of Miss Janice's etiquette's classes when they reach the proper age.

* We are not expecting at this present time. However, we hope to be within the year. I'm just one of those people who likes preplan.



Trish said...

Gigi! It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I am so impressed with your knowledge of antiques, I really must tag along with you on an antiquing adventure, I am sure you could teach me SO MUCH! That inspiration photo is exquisite, I know with your classy taste and style it is sure to come together beautifully. YAY!!!!! So thrilled for you XOXO

Short Southern Momma said...

Oh girl, the bed is beautiful! I love your inspiration room for it! Its going to be amazing! I am loving that hi-chair too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo